Small Room Decorating

Small Room Decorating: 4 Great Spare Room Ideas

Small room decorating is a talent on its own. Making the most of a spare room requires identifying what’s possible, area planning, and sometimes a little interior design assist for a elegant result. Recent SimpliCity Studios customers have shared the same question: what can I do with this area? Well, the options are endless! From a sun-room to a wine/cigar room, here are four first rate spare room thoughts to encourage an answer.


One specific small room decorating choice is developing a place to sip wine. While it can be categorized as a luxury area, a wine/cigar room for aficionados is a fantastic home addition!

Don’t have an entire room to commit to wine? A mini bar cupboard is best for a dining space or a nook in your bed-room.


  • Incorporate special finishes: Wood, metallic and stone show up very well in a wine/cigar room. By blending finishes, a small space is given a stage of layout interest and helps play up a masculine feel.
  • Have smart bottle and glass display: Showing off your first-rate Cabernet either on the wall of shelving unit is a part of the decor of this type of space. Use wine racks underneath a cabinet to slip glasses for wine varieties.
  • Pay interest to lights: Offering low lights in a wine/cigar room provides to the attractive and relaxed ambiance. Select a chandelier appropriate to the style of the room whether a modern/industrial pendant or a country antler chandelier. Wall sconces are also a top-notch way to feature lights in a space saving way.


For areas that get substantial amounts of sunlight, one small room decorating idea is creating a sun-room. The name by myself connotes a sunny spot for rest and relaxation. This form of room is a splendid area for taking in a view, enjoying a book, and spending time with guests.

Sun-rooms may be an addition to a circle of guest room or kitchen in addition to a glass-in porch or deck. At times, a spare room can be converted easily into a sunroom by making a few walls entirely of windows.


  • Color palette: Natural light lends to a wide variety of colors. Consider a chilled palette that focus on neutrals and blues to enhance the relaxed fee.
  • Window coverings: Depending on privacy desires and glare, window coverings may be useful in a sun-room. Ask your interior designer for help on deciding on the window remedies right for your space.
  • Plants: As an extension of the outdoors, it’s great to have a few plant life in your sunroom to reflect nature’s accessories.


Possibly the most popular small room decorating assignment is developing a domestic office. More and more people are working from home in some way. Designing a area that separates “earn a living” from “home lifestyles” is valuable and facilitates establish an environment of focus and efficiency.


  • The table defines the room: Access your storage and table surfaces. L fashioned desks are beneficial with their drawers and constructed in cabinets while pc desks or writing table are more space savvy.
  • Set up for organizational success: Baskets, packing containers and shelving are all exquisite tools for enterprise in a domestic office. Have your designer provide interior layout assistance to match your specific wishes.
  • Pick what inspires efficiency: Does yellow carry your energy? A photo of your favorite vacation spot inspire what you’re operating towards or a phrase that pumps you up? Having decor factors that both energize and make you smile allows produce an amazing working atmosphere.


According to the Urban Dictionary a man cave is a room, area, or place of a residing that is in particular reserved for a person to create as his own as a way to work or play. Typically, the use of a masculine style, man caves have a tendency to encompass a TV and or pool table for recreation.


  • Plan it out: Determine the purpose of the space. Will it be a place to watch movies and play video video games or a area to work out, play music, have buddies over? Identifying the way to use the man cave will help with furniture selection and layout.
  • Get snug furniture: Decor is best; however consolation is necessary. Selecting the right fixtures (recliner? Sectional?) is key. An interior space planner can plan a man cave with comfortable fixtures in mind.
  • Add private touches: With simple portions in place, fun can be had with precise accents like sports memorabilia, vinyl, or antique art.

Have a spare room in your property desiring designing? These small room decorating ideas may additionally encourage a design direction for that area. Book a free design consultation with a view to customize your small space beautifully.

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