Let's get started

At SimpliCity Studios, our goal is to make the design and renovation process an enjoyable one for our clients. We rely on experience, expertise, and integrity to complete projects on time and on budget, with consistently pleasing results. Experience has shown us that knowledge of standard procedures helps clients feel comfortable for the duration of the project. Here’s how we work:


Preliminary design meet

  • Every project starts with a phone call

    To discuss your project, and for you to learn more about SimpliCity Studios.

  • First site visit

    After the phone call, we will schedule an on-site consultation to gather the specifics of the project, assess your needs, and determine the project’s scope, budget, and timing.

  • Fine tuning the details

    Questions regarding the specific function(s) of the space, who will be using the space and furniture and equipment requirements will be discussed.

  • Preliminary design & estimate

    After the first on-site discussion, our design team will create a design proposal that outlines the scope of your project and the initial estimate.

First design meeting

Finalizing the details

  • Arriving at the final designs

    We will schedule a Design Presentation where we share concept boards, schematic designs, and a final budget for all components of the project. After receiving your feedback, we will make any necessary changes.

  • Materials and finishes

    Colors and finishes are refined. Furniture, fabrics and equipment are selected. The resulting design is presented to the client for review, revision and final approval.

  • Preparing design documentation

    Detailed documentation includes finish selections such as flooring and paint, lighting plans and fixture selection, plumbing location and fixture selection, and electrical layouts in regard to the total scope of work to be completed.

Finalizing details

Order confirmation

  • Signing of contract

    The final contract deed enlisting the detailed scope of work, execution timeline and final estimate will be signed and handed over.

  • On-site work begins

    Work begins on site. All civil work, false-ceilings(if any) and wall tiling/flooring will be executed first. A dedicated project coordinator will get in touch with you at regular intervals regarding site progress.

Order confirmation

Project execution

  • Supervised execution

    We will work closely with our site staff/recommended contractors and visit the job site regularly to oversee that the work is progressing on schedule and as planned.

  • Furnishing and accessories

    Following construction, we will coordinate the delivery and installation of your furnishing and accessories. We will continue to communicate with you regularly (weekly or more) to address any of your concerns.

Project execution

Project handover

  • Finishing touches

    Before handing over the site we make sure that everything is in perfect order. Finishing touches and accessories like paintings, sculptures, etc. are installed and a final thorough cleaning is done.

  • Enjoy your beautiful interiors !

    Your project is now complete and ready to move in. It’s time to make memories!