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The Practice

SimpliCity Studios

was established in Feb: 2016, catering to a wide range of architecture and interior design services involving the design of unique environments for living, learning, work, recreation and commerce. Over the years we have grown to be the leading interior designers in Kolkata.
The studio is dedicated to achieving optimum results through efficiency and open communication. Time and budget considerations are incorporated into our design and planning process to produce creative and cost-effective solutions. At the center of our professional practice is an absolute commitment towards quality, integrity, efficiency and accountability along with a strict adherence to budgets & schedules and, ultimately, a superior service.
Our belief in a creative collaboration between clients and architects, engineers and artists, enables us to better transform built-spaces into places of clarity, beauty and most importantly, SimpliCity.

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The Philosophy

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
LEONARDO DA VINCI,Leonardo da Vinci: The Flights of the Mind


SimpliCity Studios engages with all components of a project; during conceptual design, documentation and construction phases. We pride ourselves on being able to holistically engage with a complex of issues to arrive at a design solution appropriate to its context. Our company deals with interior design of both private and commercial spaces. What characterises our work is a holistic approach: we arrange and coordinate each and every stage of our projects, as well as supervise all the assigned tasks at the construction site.


The planning and analysis phase begins with the overall concept, which creates the foundation and driving force for all future design decisions. At this stage, clients can begin to visualise the space as the design team presents them with inspirational images, spatial configuration, key furniture pieces and fabric schemes. Functionality at this stage is fundamental. The interior design team takes great care to ensure that the practical details are also considered early in the design process.

The design concept is then developed into a full interior design package with design documentation and budget planning.



Following sign-off from the planning stage, the procurement team uses the furniture specification requirements set by the design team to begin production of individual pieces. The interior design team oversees this stage to ensure that the clients’ designs and visions are realised to their full potential.

SimpliCity Studios has a team of in-house contractors and skilled furniture makers who we have worked with over a period of time and who therefore understand the high expectations of quality we insist on.



Once you have moved in, we provide an aftercare service for you. This includes organising a deep clean, dressing and – last not least – photographs of your new home.

You decide which pictures we publish – your privacy is of utmost importance to us. As one of the top interior designers in Kolkata, our client commitment is absolute.

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We are passionate, knowing that people live, work, play and inhabit the spaces and places we imagine and envision for our clients. SimpliCity Studios is where focused people consistently deliver the extraordinary.