Office interior

An office interior is a perfect example of an organized space with a high degree of accessibility. The confines of an office call for an ambiance which fuels productivity and invigorates your workforce throughout the day.

We are always updated with the trending technologies and also aware of international trends that advance in interior design. Our expertise along with the use of high-end software tools allows us to create modified office designs for you that are as functional as they are attractive to the eye.


Office interiors

Let’s be honest, the environment you’re working in, plays an important role in how you feel through the day, how much you accomplish in an hour and your relationship with the coworkers. Imagine having to struggle for space to keep your laptop, or even shift your elbow on the work desk – an office space that is congested and smothering, kills all creativity and the want to work. That’s why SimpliCity Studios drilled down to what really impacts productivity at work.

Trust us, your employees will love you for the smallest of tweaks we make to boost their productivity and help them grow.


Office space

Gensler’s study found that 90 percent of defendants believed that office design is important to distinct and administrative efficiency. This shows how essential it is that the office’s atmosphere is designed precisely to encourage productivity and positivity.

Designing a workplace for the next generation takes careful forethought and intentional choices. Luckily, you can rely on SimpliCity Studios to help you by guiding you through the process.

Here’s how we transform your office space.


The simplest way to boost the energy of your employees, is to optimize the lighting in the space. It doesn’t just reduce the eye strain that can come from dim lighting, but also make the room look much more spacious. One of the best office interior design tip, is to choose a space that has plenty windows. Lots of natural lighting and natural breeze on good days, what more can pike your employee energy?

You can choose from eclectic pieces to even those that are just functional to do this. Check out some of the lighting that our experts have carefully curated.


This one is especially important because this is where all the work gets done and you don’t put off your employees right from the point they sit down. Another one of the office interior design basics that we swear by, is using theme colours and partitions. The theme can be picked based on the colour of your logo or the brand image you want to portray. You can even divide the different teams in your office by using different colours, and customise their work desks. But to avoid looking over the top, we usually choose minimal shades that don’t add volume to the space.


Heard of the urban jungle? Yes, this one’s again a favourite of ours. It’s always a good idea to bring in some life in the concrete jungle with some greens. We can bring in some succulents, palms or even air purifiers to the rooms. Greens have proven to add some feel good vibes to any space!

If you think managing real plants is tough for you, you can also choose to bring in our selection of artificial plants instead.


You know what kills productivity the quickest? When you can’t find something when you need it. That’s why SimpliCity Studios creates clutter-free spaces for your employees. We incorporate storage boxes for storing papers, regularly used stationery and office supplies. We also make sure to add plenty of cabinets and shelves to the space to stow away things that are commonly used by the team.

The more organized we keep things, the higher is the productivity of your team.


The reason why people are so happy working at offices like Facebook, Google and YouTube is because they don’t feel they are working in a stringent work environment. That is why an office interior design tip that our experts recommend following through, is creating a lounging space. For instance, adding bean bags, hammocks or even couches to the space.

A little corner on every floor for your employees to straighten their backs, stretch, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with their co-workers over casual chit chat, can re-energize them in no time for the rest of the day.